Big Idea Architecture with Small Energy Footprints
  • Joe Haskett of distill studio presents at ‘Young Guns’

    An event, held last night at RISD called “Young Guns,’ brought together 3 emerging architects who are defining new threads and paths in architecture. Joe Haskett (distill studio), along with Jack Ryan and John Hong of Single Speed Design gave presenations on how they are defining their individual paths by highlighting several projects. Haskett concentrated on energy usage and how architects should be prepared to address many of the daunting challenges that not only face us today but will grow exponetially if not tackled collectively. He showed examples of increasing world population, energy usage trends and how the solutions offered by us (Architects) in the 20th century need to be rethought and recalibrated as we start the 21st. He argues that form-making and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but should be complimentary.