Big Idea Architecture with Small Energy Footprints

    The ‘Box Office’ is complete and had its first tenants move in during the month of September. Designing an innovative building is fun. However, designing an innovative building is even more fun when it works. Here, the intention was to provide a first-of-its kind, highly-efficient, Class-A office space at a price people would find attractive. distill studio is happy to share that it has filled consistently over the first few months and is currently 75% leased up. In terms of energy, we are tracking the overall usage and will share the data when we present at NESEA’s BE coming up in March (

    Box Office from the North - photo by Nat Rea

    Box Office at night - photo by Nat Rea

    Click here or go to our ‘project’ tab to see more photos of the completed ‘Box Office’ project.