Big Idea Architecture with Small Energy Footprints
  • Here today, gone tomorrow: Interim Step Architecture – Relocatable buildings designed by distill studio

    Most American Urban centers have a large portion of land that is categorized as ‘under-utilized.’ This can often take the shape of surface parking or a lot that is waiting to be developed or both. At distill studio, and along with UbiGO LLC, we’re working on providing a solution that can address this under-utilized condition. When the 100 year master plan cannot be funded and the city is sick of the idea of having more parking lots, there’s an ‘Interim Step Architecture’ (ISA) that can arrive overnight, be in place in a few days and leave whenever funding or the ‘bricks and mortar’ project is green-lighted. It’s a win-win. The city and the community get Instant Place-Making (and no parking lot) and the developer or land owner can bridge the gap by generating revenue from the programs that fill the moveable modules. Programs to fill the space? They can range from office to retail to business incubators.