Big Idea Architecture with Small Energy Footprints
  • Box Office named one of 10 companies leading the Eco-Movement in RI

    As taken from the Providence Monthly:

    The Box Office  on Harris Avenue, is constructed of 32 recycled steel shipping containers. It provides 12 office units, each of which is 1000 square feet. Josh Brandt, of Stack Design, who served as the construction manager of the project and is headquartered in the building, said that the steel shipping container market is a peculiar one. It’s cheaper to simply build new containers than ship extra ones around the world. As a result, there’s a glut of steel shipping containers sitting around rusting. Rather than simply landfill them, a recent trend, particularly in Europe and in the military, is to use the containers as building materials. “Aesthetic constraints,” according to Brandt, have slowed widespread adoption on the East Coast. Any excess steel culled from reshaping the containers was reused in the structure.
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