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Big Idea Architecture with Small Energy Footprints
  • Joe Haskett, of distill studio and a member of NESEA, was asked to review ‘Green Building Product Certifications: GETTING WHAT YOU NEED.’ It was published by BUILDINGGREEN in 2011 and was principally authored by Jennifer Atlee with contributions from Nadav Malin and Tristan Roberts. Click HERE to go to NESEA’s Blog for Haskett’s full review.

  • photo above by Aaron Usher

    photo above by Aaron Usher

    An existing wood-frame, single family home was the focus of a deep energy retro-fit. Located on the East Side of Providence, this type of project has proven difficult for many home-owners when trying to combine cost-effectiveness with ‘green.’

    In order to keep costs down, distill studio moved away from the typical talk of renewable energy sources and approached this project by focusing on the fudamentals of energy-efficiency and building science. Speical attention was paid to components such as Air-Barriers, Envelope and Heating and Cooling strategies.

    We will be updating our projects tab shortly to demonstrate our design strategy, show before and after images and share energy-use data once we have enough to demonstrate where this existing house now stands in comparison to it’s old patterns.

  • The ‘Box Office’ is complete and had its first tenants move in during the month of September. Designing an innovative building is fun. However, designing an innovative building is even more fun when it works. Here, the intention was to provide a first-of-its kind, highly-efficient, Class-A office space at a price people would find attractive. distill studio is happy to share that it has filled consistently over the first few months and is currently 75% leased up. In terms of energy, we are tracking the overall usage and will share the data when we present at NESEA’s BE coming up in March (www.nesea.org).

    Box Office from the North - photo by Nat Rea

    Box Office at night - photo by Nat Rea

    Click here or go to our ‘project’ tab to see more photos of the completed ‘Box Office’ project.

  • Joe Haskett, of distill studio, will be presenting the ‘Box Office’ project this coming March in Boston at the NESEA Building Energy Conference.

    For more information about the conference and the presentation track titled “Commercial Buildings, Retro-fit and New” go to: www.nesea.org
    For a quick read of what the presentation will cover, please see below

  • An event, held last night at RISD called “Young Guns,’ brought together 3 emerging architects who are defining new threads and paths in architecture. Joe Haskett (distill studio), along with Jack Ryan and John Hong of Single Speed Design gave presenations on how they are defining their individual paths by highlighting several projects. Haskett concentrated on energy usage and how architects should be prepared to address many of the daunting challenges that not only face us today but will grow exponetially if not tackled collectively. He showed examples of increasing world population, energy usage trends and how the solutions offered by us (Architects) in the 20th century need to be rethought and recalibrated as we start the 21st. He argues that form-making and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but should be complimentary.

  • Now that the ‘Box Office’ is complete and filling up with tenants, distill studio thought it was time to compare what was designed and what was actually built. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the ‘Box Office’ as rendered by Tim Nelson of TimNelson3d.com in 2008 and the completed project as photographed in September of 2010. The Rendering is to the left and the actual project to the right.

    As you can see, they are very much identical. This is a testament to the Integrated Design approach that we took towards designing the ‘Box Office.’ In short, it expects critical thinking from all stake-holders at the beginning of the process to finalize the most accurate direction for the particular project in question. By having the right people at the table on the first day, asking the right questions, not only is good design inevitable but it can achieve optimal energy peformance as well.

  • Better World by Design is coming to Providence againt this year for the 3rd time. The Box Office, an innovative project designed by distill studio will host a social event on Friday, October 1st from 8:15 to 11:00pm. This is a great opportunity to come and tour the Box Office which just recently opened and recieved its first tenants. Joe Haskett, of distill studio, had the honor of delivering the opening comments at last years conference. The conference is one of the best both regionally and nationallly when it comes to how design can impact the way we live. It is put on and organized by students from Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. They do an outstanding job! The conference runs from October 1st to the 3rd. If you’d like more information, please click here. If you’d like to know more details about the Social being held at the ‘Box Office’ click here.

  • …To the Box Office located at 460 Harris Avenue. distill is happy to announce our relocation to the Box Office. As the Architect’s for the project it’s only fitting we make it our new home. The new address is:

    distill studio
    460 Harris Avenue, Unit 104
    Providence, RI 02909

  • The Box Office was on NPR’s ‘Morning Addition.’

    Click Here to go to hear the story

  • The construction has been completed at the Box Office and the first tenants have moved in. Although this is a mile stone for any Architecture Office, it is only one part of the project trajectory and overall goals. That’s why we’re happy to share that the Box Office is leasing up well (8 of the 12 units). At the outset, the design intent was to provide smaller, higher efficient spaces that could be leased for equal or lesser cost than the surrounding office spaces.

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